Specialist Disability Accommodation

SDA, which stands for Specialist Disability Accommodation, encompasses a range of housing options designed specifically for individuals with severe functional impairments or high assistance needs. These homes are equipped with accessible elements to foster greater independence, quality of life, and safety for the residents.

As part of the NDIS initiative, SDA funding allows participants to live in purpose-built homes that cater to their specific requirements. This funding is allocated based on the level of functional impairment and the need for additional support. However, it is important to note that SDA funding covers only the costs associated with modifying the home to suit the person’s needs and does not include other expenses such as rent or general support services.

Participants may have access to other funding options through NDIS, such as Supported Independent Living (SIL), which covers daily support needs.

There are four main types of SDA homes available, each tailored to different needs:

  1. Improved Liveability: Homes with a reasonable level of accessibility to promote independence.

  2. Fully Accessible: Homes designed for individuals with physical challenges, providing wheelchair accessibility and other necessary supports.

  3. Robust: These homes are built to be extra durable, catering to individuals with challenging behaviors while minimizing the impact on both themselves and their caregivers.

  4. High Physical Support: Homes specifically designed for individuals with very high care needs, incorporating features like hoists and advanced communication technologies.

At Care Victoria, we are here to assist you in finding the most suitable SDA home based on your specific needs and provide care and support within your new living environment.

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